3 Tips to Managing Stress as a Leader

Posted by Tara Hurster on October 27, 2016 in Health.

Stress Management

Being a leader in business is hard, add anxiety and stress into the mix and it can be debilitating and exhausting.

At Anxiety Solutions CBT we understand that it is important to entrepreneurs, managers and team leaders to be self sufficient and in control. As such, we can provide you with simple and effective tools that will reduce your symptoms quickly.

Here are 3 tips to help you manage stress and anxiety more effectively at work.

Tip 1: 

Set clear boundaries around “me time” during work hours.

People often say they don’t have the opportunity or flexibility at work or that the expectations on them are too high to take time out during the day… By scheduling in 10 minutes a day for “me time” you will reduce physical tension, emotional fatigue and stress levels dramatically!

IMPORTANT – Me time isn’t me time when screens are involved! So leave the phones in your office, put the pager in the drawer, put down the notepad and pen and go for a stroll to the cafe to get your coffee.

Tip 2:

No is a legitimate answer.

When we are invested in the role we have, we tend to want to be everything to everyone. However saying yes to every request can become overwhelming and lead to burnout. If you know that you generally say yes to things even when you don’t want to it may feel hard to change now, it can feel like people now have this expectation of you. Interestingly enough though, when people see you taking care of yourself by saying no they can tend to follow suit.

SIDE NOTE – Your therapist can assist you in learning how to say no effectively and respectfully.

Tip 3:

Regularly practice mindfulness.

These days mindfulness is so readily accessible through all of the apps available for smart devices. My personal favourites include Smiling MindHeadspace and Pacifica. By taking 5 minutes to engage in a mindfulness activity during the day you will notice your patience and tolerance increase, higher resilience levels and you will become more present with your team.

EXTRA FREE TIP – Try bringing in a short mindfulness activity into your team meetings. You can share the positive impacts you have found from regular practice and provide your team with a stress management skill for life!

About the Author

Tara Hurster

Tara Hurster is a registered psychologist who has assisted clients in behaviour modification, mood management and addiction treatment. She works to build her client’s confidence and self-esteem by teaching simple tools and strategies that creates lasting change.


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