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In this short, bite-sized course, several practical tools are taught that will help you to manage your anxiety. Each tool is simple to learn, practical and easy to build into your day to day life. However, do not be fooled by its simplicity. These tools are extracted from my Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) treatment program that I utilise with my clients. CBT is an evidence based treatment in psychology which has been shown to be highly successful with managing anxiety. Once you implement these tools, you will quickly notice an improvement in your anxiety levels.

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Duration: 10 days
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A free course by

Renee Mill psychologist

Renee Mill
Clinical Psychologist and Author 

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  1. Sadia Begum 9 months ago

    You learn about the roots of anxiety, tools to change your thinking and behaviour and in each email there were tasks where you could apply this new found knowledge. A very good, concise course that I definitely recommend. 🙂

  2. Angela M Pagan 4 years ago

    This course is great! I like that you get the info one email at a time. It makes it easier to concentrate on that specific task for the day rather than getting an overload of info all at once.
    Thank you.

  3. Saad Rasool 4 years ago

    The Course wonderful, It provided practical ways to cope anxiety.

  4. Amanda 5 years ago

    First you learn where anxiety comes from. The next lessons teach a practical tool to manage anxiety. Although I was familiar with some of the techniques I learned a lot of new ways to reduce my feelings of anxiety. I liked that each lesson is focussed on an exercise, very helpful. Thank you Renee!

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