Developing a Growth Mindset

Apply the power of a growth mindset and motivate your kids to become lifelong learners.

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The terms “fixed mindset” and “growth mindset” might sound familiar, but do you really know what they mean and their implication for learning? That’s what this course is about. Lots of people look at their kids and wonder about their lack of motivation. You might look at your daughter and think, “She’s so smart! With the barest of effort, she could do so well!” Or maybe you used to dream your son would be a great soccer player—he used to love it so much—but now he wants to quit the team. Why is it that some people just seem motivated and others seem to give up before they ever really get started? That’s the question that kept researcher Carol Dweck up at night. Learn the answers Dweck found and then how to apply them in your house.

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Elisabeth Stitt

Elisabeth Stitt
Parenting Coach and Author

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  1. Rohan 4 years ago

    I loved going through this bit sized course, everything is well explained backed by scientific research. Wish this course was long, I’d definitely recommend this to each and every person.

  2. Andrea Kemp 5 years ago

    Great lessons for my children and myself. It’s important to show your kids that setback and feedback isn’t about your abilities, it’s information you could use to learn and grow.

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