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About Lifevise

Lifevise is an e-learning platform that focuses on personal development in a lifestyle context. We help you to become a better version of yourself by providing bite-sized courses and on demand advice by competent experts.

We want to give a fresh impulse to the way we improve ourselves by providing quality & innovative services from a selection of competent and verified experts.
Equally we want to help talented experts and coaches to gain more visibility online, enabling them to grow their personal brand and income.

To learn more read Our Story.

We simply combined the noun ‘life’ and verb ‘advise’ which forms ‘Lifevise’.

It’s absolutely free to make use of all the community features and to follow amazing courses.

You do pay a fee when you want to engage in on demand advice sessions from our experts. Every expert will set his/her own price. This price is clearly visible and as a member you will go through a payment process before the consult.

The Lifevise community is definitely international. No matter where you live in the world, accessing amazing advice from the world’s top experts has never been easier.

Location is requested because we believe it improves the quality of the community.

You can easily sign up for a new course by opening up any Lifevise email. Scroll to the bottom of the email and click on “manage subscription.” You will be directed to your email preferences, where you can choose a new course from the drop-down list and click on “Update.”

Please remind that your course will begin the following morning.

Video Consultations

You can use any computer capable of running one of these web browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. You will also need a functioning microphone and webcam.

Trust and safety within our community is our highest priority. Lifevise video calls are completely off the record and are not recorded.

Yes, you can send a private message to the expert by visiting their profile. Just below the profile picture you will find a button that reads “private message”.

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