How To Improve Your Relationship With Money

Learn about the simple tools and techniques you can use to improve your relationship with money

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In this bite-sized course, you’ll learn about the simple tools and techniques you can use to improve your relationship with money. Money is more complicated than your income and expenses. Your money decisions are very rarely rational; they’re linked to your mindset and attitudes towards money. This course will help you ask better questions about how you treat money and explore your relationship with money. We’ll look more closely at the impact of your childhood on your perception of money and help you to ask why you do what you do. If you’ve tried to get out of debt or save money in the past, but have found yourself struggling to stay on your track, this course will help you to understand the psychology of money and help you recognise the barriers holding you back from having a harmonious relationship with money.

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Maureen McGuinness

Maureen McGuiness
Personal Finance Mentor

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  1. Jackie 12 months ago

    Thank you for providing the content, it was useful, insight and challenged me in all the right ways. Thank you for spending the time putting this together and sharing freely.

  2. Marija 2 years ago

    This course gave me some valuable tips on my relationship with money! Thanks!

  3. James 3 years ago

    I love this course because it’s different from other money or personal finance courses that I have followed. Comprehensive and easy to follow along.

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