Introversion as a Superpower

Information, tips, and hacks to turn introversion into a superpower.

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Introversion has become a pretty hot topic lately. When you consider there is only about 25% of us introverts, who recharge our energy storage by going inside, many of us are seeking ways of managing our experiences in the extroverted world! This course is an introduction to the fact that introversion looks different- depending on your temperament or inner design. To fully express introversion as a superpower, you must understand your temperament. This 10 lesson mini-course provides information, tips, and hacks for introverts. When you understand your whole picture, you can turn your introversion into a superpower.

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A Free Course By

Stacey Horn

Stacey Horn
Temperament Consultant

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  1. Misur 3 years ago

    It doesn’t cite any studies to back up the claims. There are a lot of typos and bad grammar; therefore, it seems as if it was written in a hurry and was not, in fact, well thought through.

  2. Amy 3 years ago

    I consider myself a true introvert and this course helped me to understand more about myself and even overcome some of the struggles I was dealing with lately.

  3. Peter Nelson 4 years ago

    This course provides a great look into how introverts’ minds work and how to turn introversion into a strength. Thank you!

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