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We are creating a platform for the modern-day self-help crowd, striving to combine the rigor of academe and fun of the self-help movement. If you are working in the field of personal development or mental health and your goal is to help others improve their life, please read on!

Grow Your Brand

Amplify your online presence & brand.

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Connect with learners and other professionals.

Grow Your Business

Earn extra income by doing what you love.

How Does Lifevise Work?

Coaching & Mentorship Packages

Provide coaching or mentoring services on your terms. You set your rates, availability, and way of communication. Through coaching and mentorship packages we want to focus on a specific outcome for the client. Offer a package that provides a tailored solution for change, more confidence, better health, or any other topic related to professional and personal development.

Bite-sized Courses

How to connect with your audience and show what you’re capable of? Create bite-sized courses that teach others amazing ways to improve themselves! Bite-sized meaning, in between 7-15 lessons – each lesson approximately 500 words, or 5 minutes of video. You create the content, we take care of design, delivery and promotion. We want to make the courses accessible for everyone, hence the courses are provided for free at this point.

Your Product or Service

We are building a collection of amazing free and premium tools for professional and personal development. In addition to bite-sized courses, we offer free resources such as eBooks and articles. Premium tools include books, apps, and many more. We are open to various kinds of collaboration or affiliates. Share your product or service, and we’ll get in touch if we believe it will be valuable for our audience.

You're In Good Company

Eric Maisel

Eric Maisel
Phd, author and creativity expert

Heather Gray Profile

Heather Gray
Therapist, writer and executive coach

Kayt Sukel

Kayt Sukel
Journalist and science writer

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