Andrew Luttrell

I live in

Columbus, OH, US


I am a social psychologist. My expertise is in the domain of attitudes and persuasion, but I have extensive experience with all corners of the social psychology world. The research in this field is so interesting that I can’t help but want to share it! My job is to translate the research in psychological science from the technical reports in scientific journals to something that you can understand and use to make your own life better. Through my own scholarship in the field and my experience teaching students both online and in the classroom, I’ve developed effective strategies to boil down complicated ideas and suggest practical applications that you can use.

Area of Expertise

My course is on positive psychology, which studies how and why people become happier. This research puts self-help ideas to the test, using rigorous research and statistics to see whether a given technique really works or not. I hope to show people that greater well-being is achievable through these tested strategies and small life changes.

Hourly Rate

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