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The first job parenting coaching and author Elisabeth Stitt dreamed of doing was being an English nanny. She could imagine nothing better than the fun of playing with kids all day. In 9th grade she wrote a research paper entitled, “How to Be an Effective Parent,” so it was no surprise when Elisabeth decided to become a teacher. Now Elisabeth applies her twenty-five years of teaching–and her own experience as a mom and a stepmom–to supporting parents with the skills they need to be their best selves as parents, so that they can experience the full joy of parenting. Now that Elisabeth’s own kids are grown and out of the house, she babysits in her free time just for the fun of stepping into a child’s world and imagination.

Area of Expertise

Consistency helps children feel good in the world. It gives them a sense of safety and security. It teaches them to trust the world. But how do you become that consistent parent you want to be? I mean, let’s face it. It’s not easy to be consistent. How many times have I promised myself I would go to the gym and then not gone? About as many times as I have sworn to no dessert and then ended up eating it! So, let’s put that out on the table. If consistent parenting does not come easy to you, this is going to take some work. But before you get too worried, know that I have a plan that has helped tons of parents become the rocks their kids can count on. It will work for you, too.
Here’s the overview:
1. Identify and prioritize your values. It takes energy to be consistent. You want to put the most energy into the value or expectation you care the most about.
2. Train yourself to be consistent first by focusing on the positive.
3. Promise your kids something great and then train your kids to trust your word by delivering on your promises.
4. Connect rules to values so that you are being consistent about a value (something you really care about), rather than a rule (something that might feel arbitrary and can change depending on the situation).

I will provide guidelines and exercised so you can build your consistency muscle bit by bit.

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