Jake Teeny

I live in

Columbus, OH, USA


Jake is currently pursuing his PhD at Ohio State University, where he researchers the psychology of persuasion. Be careful. Continuing to read this may convince you to check out his website,, where he publishes weekly, life-transformative thoughts on the psychology behind everyday life.


Recognized for his award-winning research and undergraduate teaching excellence at OSU, a winner of Noba’s national psychology film contest, and with psychology courses featured on the publically acclaimed website, Highbrow, Jake is passionate about spreading the knowledge of the human mind—be that in the classroom or outside of it.


But in addition to his scientific endeavors, Jake also loves writing fiction and has published over 20 short stories, appearing in literary magazines like The Saturday Evening Post as well as placing in nationally renowned competitions like Short Story America. Currently, Jake pursues his research on persuasion and social advocacy, while writing a popular press book on psychology as well as a suspense novel.

Area of Expertise

My area of expertise is in the field of social psychology. That is, I research how people’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are influenced by the presence of other people–real or imagined. In other words, I study “why you do what you do.” And although my specific expertise is on the psychology of persuasion, I am versed in many sub-fields of psychology, from motivation to morality to relationships and attraction.

Hourly Rate

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