John Harrison

I live in

Cincinnati, USA


John is a licensed mental health counselor and coach and maintains a private practice in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a former Army officer and combat veteran and is invested in showing people they can make the major life changes they want.


Hi, I’m John Harrison. I’m passionate about helping people tap into their intuition and higher self to get “unstuck” and get what they want. I assist people in tapping into their own internal GPS and intuition and who are willing to push aside their illusions of limitation and who are ready to stop settling. Because I’ve had my own experiences and life changes because of burnout and stress I want to help others turn their corner.


We are living in an incredible time. Old paradigms are collapsing. Tired and negative messages from the world telling us what our reality is are dying. There is nothing we are not capable of doing, sharing, and creating.

Area of Expertise

I work with people in allowing them to see they can create and change their own realities. Reframing and making new relationships with negative self talk, self esteem and confidence work, mindfulness and focusing in on the present moment, helping people find their flow and passion in their lives.

Hourly Rate