Maja Gaspari

I live in

Ljubljana, Slovenia


I am a psychologist, who is currently working with internet addiction (games, social media, gambling, ….) in LOGOUT, centre for digital addiction, where i give individual consultations for people dealing with that problem. Beside that I manage a group of youngsters with internet addiction. I am also giving preventive workshops for pupils and help in different ways to make Logout a save and trustful place to be.


I have many experience in working with children and adolescents (Crisis center, Pediatric Clinic in Department for Pediatric Neurology, …) and each of them was an incredible experience. What is more, I managed several groups for anxiety and stress reduction for adults.


I am currently educating myself in cognitive-behaviour therapy approach. Later on I would like to integrate different approaches, especially the ones focusing on and expressing oneself through arts and body (including mindfulness).
Otherwise I am a person of many interests. I love sport, reading, cooking, listening to relaxing music etc. I believe things happen for a reason. It is up to us how we will interpret the what happened to us and what we will learn from the experience.

Area of Expertise

I can help parents with the advice on how to introduce their children to the digital world (age recommendations, appropriate applications), how to settle rules concerning the usage of the digital technology and what to do when you believe your child/youngster is addicted.
On the other hand I can help those who believe suffer from internet addiction themselves. We can talk about the problem (what is going on and how you can deal with the over usage or addiction) and search for possible solutions.

Hourly Rate



Slovenian, English