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We’re grateful to collaborate with amazing coaches, mentors, and psychologists from all over the world. Together we’re able to create bite-sized learning experiences, personal development products, and coaching and mentorship packages.

Through tools such as the Expert Match, we offer our users a free concierge-like service to help them find the right expert for their needs. This way we want to provide a tailored solution for change, more confidence, better health, or any other topic related to professional and personal development. Discover all experts:


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Our Story

We are creating Lifevise for ambitious folks, the lifelong learners, and for those who are struggling with the obstacles faced in life. It can be particularly hard to overcome stubborn anxieties or to break down hopeful fantasies into realistic plans. The reasons we want to improve ourselves are personal, yet universal. Lifevise is the platform that aims to help one navigate the perils of life and master essential life skills.

As we experienced first-hand, the personal development industry suffers from a confusing contrast in quality. Searching for ways to improve yourself can raise questions like: Where do I start? Can I trust this person? Is what’s offered really valuable?  That’s why we believe there’s a need for curation, transparency, and a fresh impulse in general.

When we go to a gym and work on our bodies by doing exercises, our goal is to improve parts of ourselves. Instead of deciding that we need to work on our biceps, it’s not as common to decide we need to work on our anxieties or our confidence, our frustration or our capacities for gratitude. Because of the correlation of mind and body, we believe it should be. It’s just as important to exercise our minds to get in perfect (mental) shape.

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