Power Bars

Posted by Eric Maisel on June 29, 2017 in Personal Growth.

Power Bars

Many even quite competent people do not have their demonstrable competence translate into self-confidence. They squirm and wriggle in the room that is their mind and say things like “I can’t do this” and “I’m not equal to that” and “I surely better not try that other thing!” As a result, they live a reduced life and may even forfeit their dreams. They do not write their novel; they do not start their business; they do not push physics forward. They get many things done quite nicely—but not the most important things.

How terrible! But what if they had a lovely array of mental power bars to munch on that provided lots of energy and renewed confidence? Wouldn’t that prove quite the blessing? Let’s add those power bars to your mental arsenal! Remember that chest of drawers from the last lesson? Let’s line one drawer with some prettily patterned shelf paper and stock it with all sorts of power bars. You get to pick your flavors. How about peanut butter chocolate? Oatmeal raisin walnut? Hard and crunchy? Soft and chewy? Can’t you taste them already!

You also get to design the wrappers and name your brand of confidence. What will you call these power bars? Maybe “Super confidence boost!” or “I can absolutely do this!”? You design the logo, pick your colors, select your graphics, and create an array of confidence boosters that are not just tasty but that are also beautiful, beautiful like a gorgeous label on a wine bottle or an exquisite box from an upscale chocolatier. Go ahead and create your line and stock your pantry right now!

How might you use these power bars? Here’s an example. Say that you have a longstanding dream. Say that your dream is to build an online business that works so well and produces so much income that you can travel anywhere you like and hop around the world. You’re aware that some people are doing this, you know that you’re pretty skillful, savvy, and resourceful, and the only thing standing in the way is … what exactly? What has kept you from pursuing this dream of yours?

Well, many things. It all seems so vague and confusing. And you don’t have a solid idea for your business. And there are so many come-ons with hefty price tags guaranteeing that with no effort you too can make millions online—those come-ons really turn you off. Plus, a paycheck is a paycheck. Plus, you don’t have the time, the energy, the tech skills, the connections or the … or anything! But, of course, it all comes down to a failure of nerve and a shortfall of confidence. So, instead of pursuing your dream you throw in the towel for another day, another week, another month and another year.

Don’t do that. Don’t give up on your dream because your confidence failed you. By all means, don’t spend those thousands of dollars on suspect online trainings. But also, don’t throw up your hands. And certainly, don’t dismiss your idea as ridiculous or beyond your reach. Instead, have a confidence bar. Go to the room that is your mind, open the top drawer where you keep your power bars, take a moment to survey your spectacular array—the champagne and dark chocolate ones, the gooey nougat ones, the ones that you got at the little shop on the rue de Bac—and choose your power boost.

Unwrap it slowly. Take a bite. Savor the taste. Feel your confidence rising. Feel the boost. Use that burst of energy to propel you to do something in the service of your dream. Maybe that something is just walking, breathing, and thinking. Maybe that something is making a list. Maybe that something is finding free Internet information from generous dreamers who have made their online business dreams work. Use that power bar boost of confidence to do something in the service of your dream. And if your confidence slips, have another bar! Along with their other miraculous benefits, they contain no calories. You can nibble on them as often as you like without gaining an ounce!

The mind is the place where we lose confidence. Our knees may buckle or our throat may tighten but that’s because our mind weakened those body parts. The mind is also the place where we can regain confidence. We can say things to ourselves that serve us and that support us. We can say, “I have an excellent novel in me and I’m going to write it” or “I’m going to make that online business work and finally move away from here!” And if you feel that confidence waning? You know what to do. Go directly to that drawer marked “Eat me!” and grab a bite of confidence.


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