Quick short-term strategy for relieving depression & anxiety

Posted by Richard Killion on May 23, 2017 in Personal Growth.

Quick short-term strategy to relieve Anxiety and Depression

When we are struggling with either depression or anxiety, the mind is continually focused on ourselves. There is a lot of time spent self-assessing our feelings. It is typical for depressed and anxious people to constantly do a self-check about their energy levels and moods. Understandably, the main questions that comes to mind are “When is this going to go away?” and “When will I feel better?”

It’s important to short circuit that thinking. How? By shifting gears and doing something for someone else in our lives. This can be anything, as long as we are focusing our attention on someone else and their needs or desires.

Case in point – sometimes when I’m feeling upset or depressed inside, I deliberately start to think about someone in my life who could use a telephone call, an email, a card, a joke, or a treat to brighten their day. I find when I place my attention on this, my mood can quickly shift and better yet, the person with whom I’ve placed my attention on feels better too!

As the title suggests, this is only a strategy and not a cure. However, if one starts using this strategy on a regular basis, a shift for overall wellness will happen as it decreases isolation and loneliness and starts to answer your question – “When will I feel better?”

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This is part 6 of the series Meditations on Wellbeing. In this series Psychotherapist and Life Coach Richard Killion shares experiences from his corner of the world. Enjoy his succinct, insightful bits about human behavior and mental wellbeing.

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Richard Killion

Richard Killion is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Life Coach with over 18 years of experience consulting individuals, groups and organizations. From a coaching perspective, Richard helps people succeed with life transitions. As a therapist he works with clients needing assistance with anxiety, depression, grief and loss, relationship issues and communications.


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