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If you’re a writer, you’ve dreamed of writing all over the world, scribbling away in a Paris café, jotting down thoughts in an old Roman square, writing by the Bay in San Francisco. Writers have an internal vision of an international bohemian highway that they hunger to travel, a highway that includes stops like Paris, Rome, London, New York and San Francisco. Of course, as a writer you must write where you are! But what if you also want to write elsewhere, in one of the world’s great haunts? Join Eric Maisel, author of more than forty books, America’s foremost creativity coach, and worldwide workshop leader, as he takes you on a journey along the international bohemian highway.

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Eric Maisel

Eric Maisel
Phd, author and creativity expert

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  1. Thomas LaPierre 3 years ago

    I saw myself in many of Mr. Maisel’s posts–and that was encouraging. Lots to think about and inspire to after taking this Lifevise course. Thanks. I feel encouraged and am eager to continue with my writing–especially out of doors.

  2. Janine Douglas 5 years ago

    Excellent course for breaking down the components and setting up the processes in place to create the discipline of writing.

  3. DavidMalcolm 5 years ago

    Nice course for people that want to know good writing spots in the world’s biggest cities.

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